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The NRI's mission is to improve health at the very beginning of life so that babies will be healthier throughout their lives. The leading-edge discoveries happening at Sharp Mary Birch hold the potential to impact outcomes for newborns regionally and nationwide ‑ ultimately improving health for generations. The research conducted at Sharp Mary Birch holds the potential to transform medical practice and improve outcomes for newborns in San Diego and beyond. There are many ways you can support our research. The following are some suggestions on how to direct your donation to crucial areas of our projects.

$100-500 A pledge of $100 covers the cost of purchasing a single brain monitoring sensor (Near InfraRed Spectroscopy) which uses light waves to determine a newborn's oxygen levels. This information is used to help us determine whether our new therapies are helping protect the newborn's brain. For this donation you will be eligible to receive a Neonatal Research Institute T-shirt. This donation range is also instrumental in supporting our ongoing educational and outreach activities, which include bringing our science into local schools, arranging for tours at the hospital, and increasing awareness about neonatal research as well as participation in our projects.

$1,000-10,000 In order to enroll a newborn into a research trial our research team spends hours speaking and talking to families. They then attend the delivery ensuring that the therapy is given, and then follow the newborn for the next several days, weeks and months entering and collecting data. The costs for their time averages around $1000 per subject enrolled. For this donation range in addition to a Neonatal Research Institute T-shirt you will also be acknowledged on the study when it's published in a research journal. A recently published study can be found here.

$10,000-25,000 In order to begin a new research study, we often need to initiate a pilot study or a small study of 20-30 babies to demonstrate that there is a potential for a study to benefit newborns. These pilot studies often need startup administrative fees such as writing a new protocol, obtaining ethics approval, building a new database and enrolling a new patient. You may specify which study your donation will support. The name of generous donors who help initiate our study will have their name listed in our presentations and publications related to the study, but will also have their names listed on our website as breakthrough studies from philanthropy.

A pledge of $100,000 provides a naming opportunity for the NRI Research Fellowship (this will cover salary and benefits). The fellowship in your name will include all supplies needed for the trainee's activities who will be mentored personally by Dr. Katheria and Dr. Harbert. If you visit us in San Diego, we would be glad to give you a tour of our facility. On the same occasion you, the trainee, Dr. Katheria and Dr. Harbert will have the opportunity to discuss the proposed projects and the results of the research that were conducted with your generous support.

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If you are interested in helping with capital planning and building our first and largest neurodevelopmental clinic for newborns (donations from $500,000 or greater) please contact Dr. Anup Katheria at 838-939-4170 or email

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