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The Neu-Prem Trial: Neuromonitoring of Preterm Brains

Neuromonitoring in newborns is the newest frontier, and as usual Sharp MBHWN is on the forefront.  We now have the technology to measure brain wave activity using a simplified EEG and brain tissue oxygen saturation (near-infrared spectroscopy) using easily placed non-invasive sensors.  This study will monitor brain activity and perfusion (circulation) in premature infants delivered under 32 weeks gestational age, at birth and through the first few days of life.

By increasing our understanding of how the premature brain responds during this critical time, we may learn ways in which we can better protect these vulnerable infants.  Early detection of abnormal brain function may assist with earlier intervention to mitigate brain injury, help in making patient care decisions and improve their quality of life.  

Who to contact if you want more information

The Research Team will be contacting you regarding your interest in this study.

You may also contact the Sharp Mary Birch Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at: 858 939-4298, or NICU Research Offices at:  858 939-4112

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