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Because of the amazing work that Dr. Katheria is doing with delayed cord clamping our daughter got the extra help she needed at delivery. And because of that, our miracle is with us today! We are forever grateful for everything that he and Sharp Mary Birch has done for us.

— Heidi's Story

I was 23 weeks pregnant when I started to go into labor with our daughter. I was transferred to Sharp Mary Birch, where they were able to hold off labor for four more days before I delivered. Before our daughter was born we were told about delayed cord clamping and the benefits that premature babies could gain from that critical extra cord blood. We were, of course, on board with anything that would help give our baby a better chance. The more blood given to her, the better. Now that we are several months after birth I feel confident that this extra cord blood our daughter Saylor received at birth had a big impact on her health. I credit this study as one of the main reasons Saylor didnít have any issues with brain bleeds and is doing so well today.

— Mariah's Story

Ella and Cameryn were born in 2001, both too soon (29 weeks gestation) and too small (2 pounds each) to sustain life on their own. They experienced a very gentle controlled birth in spite of the surprised timing and an attempt to stop the labor. With the expertise of a team of dedicated obstetricians, perinatologist, neonatologists and nurses, the girls were nurtured and cared for until they grew large enough to go home 2 1/2 months later. While prematurity often predisposes little ones to a host of complications, our little girls are just perfect!

— The Stichler Family's Story

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